David A. Tobin (Vocals)


First things first. I need to say thank you to all the wonderful people all around the world that have supported MOS. To our new home land Germany thank you for your support of our music. To the news at hand. Are you ready? Can you believe it, finally we are going back to our roots. Gospel Music! Wait a min.! It is not the way you think of Gospel, it’s the way Gospel is supposed to be. Soulful, Live and with Feeling! For many years arranging and writing music for choirs, groups and solo singers has been something that came very natural to me. I always knew there were 1.000′s ways to sing or play a song. The challenge was how to bring Gospel together with the music so many of our european friends and family loved. GOT IT! Take the Gospel rhythms and sound with pop and standard songs that our european friends and family loved.

That is it! On this tour of David A. Tobin’s Gospel Singers we did the music that you have asked us for in a new and exciting Gospel way. Don’t think this is a show, this is an experience!!!!!!!!! You will sing along and clapp, that is all good. The most important thing is to feel! To sit for 2 hours and make a connection from us to the audience is the most important thing music can do. Gospel speaks to the spirit of everyone all over the world.

Now we will do some traditional Gospel music and the amazing 9 voices, sometime without any music at all – just the pure voice with great harmonies. Sometime you just may hear the 5 musicians and hear the skilled play with and sometime all together blending wonderfully to give you the full gospel sound that the David A. Tobin’s Gospel Singers will be well known for. Don’t take my word, come and hear for yourself! Thank you for all your support and hope to see you this winter for world premiere of …. David A. Tobin’s Gospel Singers!

Be blessed,

David A. Tobin