Fabio Tosti (Artist)

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Dee Jay since 1992, Fabio Tosti is one of the most appreciated italian Dj Producer in the worldwide house music scene.He collaborate with some of the most important worldwide house labels like: Code Red (USA), Salted Music (USA), Purple Music (SWISS), Look At You (USA), Black Deep (USA), Soulshine (UAS), Transport Recordings (USA) and other.His productions are supported from big names like: Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, T ony Humphries, Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Dj Spen, Jamie Lewis, Grant Nelson, Marshall Jefferson, Kenny Carpenter, Victor Simonelli, Mr. V, Miguel Migs, Danny Krivitz, CJ Mackintosh, Robert Owens, Dj Sneak and many other.Two of his production have the featuring of an house music legend: Marshall Jefferson. In the 2008 he remixed for the historical American label Soundmen On Wax, the famous song “AS” of the great Stevie Wonder, with the vocal of one of the most important international house singer: Michael Watford.In the end of 2007 he founded Music Plan Records, a digital label that in few months gets more plaudit by international djs and producers.He was, for several years, the only italian dj producer on air with his show “Who’s Inda House” on Ibiza Global Radio, the best radio in Ibiza.He have worked in many clubs in Italy and in some international fashion consolle: GQ Club of Moscow (RUSSIA); Supper Club of Amsterdam (HOLLAND); 360° Club of Dubai (EMIRATES); Lollipop of Tirana (ALBANIA); Royal Cafè of Frankfurt (GERMANY); Divino Club of Genève (SWISS); Escape of Swansea (WALES); Zeus of Capri (ITALY); Plastic of Milano (ITALY); Ecu of Rimini (ITALY) and many more.In the summer 2009 he was the dj of Russian International Film Festival final party. Big event sponsored by Martini.On the early of 2009, with the young talent Francesco Tarantini, start the TnT Inc project. The TnT Inc. project, became immediately a quality brand in the house music scene.The first TnT Inc. project, TnT Inc. feat Diamondancer “Take Me Higher”, is released on Purple Music, the popular label of Jamie Lewis; The second project, TnT Inc. “Floating Points”, is release by the prestigious Cod Red, label of Dj Spen and arrive in top 10 download on the best worldwide website store for house music.In august 2010 arrive the HIT! The new TnT Inc. project , Jingo, t oget her wit h t he friend Alex Dimitri, is the number 1 of top download chart in USA. Played from all the big like: Louie Vega, T ony Humphries, DJ Spen, Mr. V, Grant Nelson and many other, Jingo is one of the hit of the summer 2010.His first work for 2011 is a remix of the new single of t he legendary Michael Proct er and which is creat ing a new project out for WMC 2012. In the 2011 arrive also the projects Fabio Tosti feat Donald Sheffey (Feel What I Feel) on Soulshine, the cool label of Louis Benedetti; TnT Inc feat Diamondancer (Shimmy Shake) on Purple Music; Fabio Tosti (D Essential), supported by the legendary dj & Grammy Award winning producer David Morales, on Black Deep, t he label of John Julius Knight and ot her productions and remix.