The debut album “Ain’t Nothing But House Music” is being re-released on Deep Village Digital Records! All the hit singles are included in this landmark release from Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin. Soulful and refreshing are some of the reviews that this chart topping album has received from DJ’s and music lovers around the world. Impressive musicianship and timely lyrics are the trade mark that have kept Clemens Rumphf and David A. Tobin a standout musical team.
With so many standout tracks that are now dance music staples, “House Star Groove”, “ I Will Be Lifted”, “No Words To Say” and of course the classic spoken word track “This Old House”! If for some reason you missed this release now is the time to buy this Funky House Jazz influenced piece of dance music History. Truly a groundbreaking album that is destine for legendary status.


01…Intro 00:32
02…Ride of My Life) 07:15
03…I Will Be Lifted 07:08
04…Release the Tension 06:48
05…This Old House (Album Version) 06:14
06…A’int Nothing But House Music 06:14
07…House Star Groove (Intergalactic Funk Edit) 06:04
08…Its Music 05:52
09…No Words to Say 07:51
10…Fire (Clemens Rumpf’s Bar Groove Edit) 06:55
11…Jazz in the House (Sax Groove Mix) 05:51
12…Favourite Underground (DJ Tribute Mix) 05:22
13…House Star Groove (Reprise Edit) 04:05

About the Album:

After several successful single releases, Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin are ready to present their debut album “Ain’t Nothing But House Music”. As the previous single releases “Jazz in the House EP” and “Fire” (which are of course included), the songs featured on the album are a wonderful and refreshing yet soulful fusion of house with disco, funk and jazz – not to forget to mention the marvelous vocals and lyrics. From beginning to the end, the album impresses with great musicianship, introducing you to the many different talents of Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin – and their love for soulful house music. Highly recommended. (Mike Fossati – Spirit Of House)

A really good album with so many standout tracks which are going to make some fantastic singles. If you like your Soulful, Disco and Funky House Vibes as described on the album cover then this is the one download you need in your life. (Antony Angell)


Written & Produced: Clemens Rumpf
Additional production: Clemens Rumpf
Vocals: David A. Tobin
Lyrics: David A. Tobin
Recording & Mastering at Deep Village Studios Hannover, Germany