Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin A’int Nothing But Housemusic (Remixed)

OUT NOW on Reelgroove Records:

After the stunning success of Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin’s debut album titled, ‘Aint Nothing But House Music’, they are back with a slammin package of remixes from exclusive album tracks. DJ Le Roi take ‘This Old House’ on a deep undgeround old skool US journey. Danny J Lewis offers a throwback for the soulful and deep headz on ‘House Star Groove’. Latest Craze and Soul Cola deliver some cool, uplifting soulful grooves. While mixes of ‘Fire’ by Groove Assassin and Abicah Soul are also revisited.


01. This Old House (DJ Le Roi Remix)
02. This Old House (CR’s Tech N Groove Remix)
03. House Star Groove (Danny J Lewis Vocal)
04. House Star Groove (DJL VB Weekender 2010 Tribute Mix)
05. Fire (Groove Assassin Dub)
06. Fire (Abicah Soul Main Remix)
07. Favourite Underground (Latest Craze Jazz Vocal)
08. Aint Nothing But House Music (Latest Craze Vocal)
09. Release The Tension (Soul Cola Release The Funk Remix)