We got the Love

White Lotus Club is back with a new joint… this time it’s

“We Got The Love” by DJ Hayda & Clemens Rumpf featuring the lovely vocals of David A. Tobin.

Coming up with uplifting organ chords, groovy sax stabs and driving good old skool housebeats these guys serve a well produced,
funky and uplifting record…

“We Got The Love” definately spreads good vibes
on the dancefloor.

Included in this package are 4 mixes to suit all your
needs from laidback to more club driven sounds…

Here we have the main mix, club mix, alternative mix
and kind of a dubstrumental mix which you defo should
try on the floor… you will see the reactions! funky!!!
Written by
DJ Hayda, Clemens Rumpf, Willy Washington, Hamish Anderson
Produced by DJ Hayda & Clemens Rumpf
Lyrics by Willy Washington & Hamish Anderson
Vocals performed by David. A. Tobin
P + C 2009 White Lotus Club